Are you: Signals and Systems Made Ridiculously Simple is designed to be an easy-to-read study guide and concise reference book for making learning or relearning introductory signal processing and linear system theory as simple as possible. Basically, this book tells you what you need to know and tells it to you fast, without having to wade through a 700 page textbook.

Topics covered include Laplace transforms, Z transforms, Fourier transforms, Bode plots, Sampling theory, Convolution, Feedback, Filters, Stability, Modulation, and many more (20 chapters in all). The book also contains a helpful appendix on topics such as complex numbers, partial fraction expansion, basic circuit theory, and power series. A complete table of contents and a few sample pages are also available.

The book has been extremely popular among both students and faculty at MIT, where it is being used as a supplemental text for several courses. The book has also been ordered by professors at 61 other universities around the country (and world!) for use in their classes. Signals and Systems Made Ridiculously Simple has also gathered worldwide acceptance, as evidenced by recent international sales.

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